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  • auto-match III 45/0

    The auto-match III provides effective control of your colour match process in store. Using a 45/0 circumferential illumination, it matches your samples as your eye sees them.

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  • Laboratory Balances

    A laboratory balance is a universal instrument used in virtually every lab in the world. BYK-Gardner offers weighing machines to suit most customer applications.

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  • Wire-wound rod

    Wire wound rods provide an economical way to assure the uniformity of thickness of very thin films.

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  • Grind Gage

    Grind gages are used in controlling the production, storage and application of dispersion products produced by milling in the paint, plastic, pigment, printing ink, paper, ceramic, pharmaceutical, food, and many other industries.

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  • Drying Time Recorder

    BYK-Gardner’s versatile Drying Time Recorder quantifies the various stages of film curing and drying to deliver reproducible results and guarantee the highest efficiency.

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  • Comb Gage

    BYK-Gardner comb gages come in different thickness ranges and a choice of stainless steel or plastic.

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  • Inmont Gage

    Inter-chemical thickness gages are also called IC gages or Inmont gages. The are ideal for thin film applications and popular for measuring wet ink film at the press.

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  • byko-test

    The byko-test film thickness gage includes dew point measurement.

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  • byko-cut thickness gage

    The byko-cut is a universal testing instrument to measure the film thickness, adhesion and hardness of paints and coatings on metal and non-metal substrates.

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  • Pendulum Hardness

    The Pendulum Hardness tester is very precise measurement of hardness using either a Konig or Persoz pendulum.

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  • Buchholz Indentation Tester

    The Buchholz tester is a reliable test for plastic deformable coatings.

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  • temp-gard basic

    The temp-gard basic temperature recorder system consists of a small logger with a large, easy-to-read colour display, a robust yet lightweight thermal barrier and temp-chart basic software for fast and easy Pass/Fail data analysis.

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