Laboratory Balances

A laboratory balance is a universal instrument used in virtually every lab in the world. BYK-Gardner offers weighing machines to suit most customer applications. 
These are the widely-respected Sartorius line of laboratory balances. Analytical scales are economically priced with a rugged durable design. Bench top balances are compact to easily fit on the laboratory counter. Some top-loading balances can be battery operated for in-field use.

Order No. Product Name
1026 Quintix 124-1S
1027 Quintix 224-1S
1028 Quintix 213-1S
1029 Quintix 313-1S
1030 Quintix 513-1S
1031 Quintix 612-1S
1032 Quintix 1102-1S
1033 Quintix 2102-1S
1034 Quintix 3102-1S
1035 Quintix 5102-1S
1036 Quintix 5101-1S
1037 Quintix 5100-1S
1636 Entris 124-1S
1637 Entris 224-1S
1638 Entris 323-1S
1639 Entris 623-1S
1640 Entris 2202-1S
1641 Entris 6202-1S
1642 Entris 8201-1S


Product information sheet 

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