Comb Gage

Measuring the film thickness of freshly applied coatings in the wet stage is very important. On one hand, film thickness influences the quality of a product; on the other, applying too much coating can be expensive. Depending on the application method, it is advisable to measure wet film thickness frequently to maintain an efficient coating process. 
A wet film thickness gage is an inexpensive, easy to use device. It covers a wide range from industrial maintenance applications to thin coil coatings and can be used on virtually every substrate.
For measuring wet film thickness, BYKGardner offers a comb or interchemical gage. The comb is a ruler-shaped gage with two supports at each of its six sides, having tabs of varying lengths. The comb gages are available in different thickness ranges and a choice of stainless steel or plastic.


Order No. Product Name
3501 Comb Gage 25-2000 µm, stainless steel
3505 Comb Gage 1-80 mils, stainless steel
3507 Comb Gage 5-150 µm, stainless steel
3509 Comb Gage Set, plastic, set of 10
3510 Comb Gage Set, plastic, set of 100

Nordson Comb Gage, 0.5 - 20 mil


Product information sheet 

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