byko-cut thickness gage

The byko-cut is a universal testing instrument to measure the film thickness, adhesion and hardness of paints and coatings on metal and non-metal substrates. 
It is a portable instrument which provides sufficient accuracy for laboratory use but can also be used at construction sites and in workshops. It is ideal for customer service technicians and demonstrations. 
Features include:
Measures coating thickness on metal, wood, plastic, and other rigid substrates
Measures multi-layer coating thickness
Built-in microscope can also be used for assessing paint imperfections
Rotating blade holder for easy, safe change-over of cutting blades
Optional cross-cut blade to perform a cross-hatch adhesion test
Optional indentation hardness blade to comply with ISO 2815 Buchholz hardness
LED illumination for easy visual assessment
Portable design for field testing and inspection.
Order No. Product Name
3430 byko-cut thickness, Metric
3431 byko-cut thickness, English
3432 byko-cut no cutters, Metric
3433 byko-cut no cutters, English
3421 Thickness Cutter 1, 2000, byko-cut
3422 Thickness Cutter 2, 1000, byko-cut
3423 Thickness Cutter 3, 200, byko-cut
3419 Thickness Cutter 100, byko-cut
3420 Thickness Cutter 3000, byko-cut
3427 Buchholz Tool, byko-cut
3434 Buchholz Slip-on Weight, byko-cut

Product information sheet 

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