Pendulum Hardness

The definition of hardness has, in the past, caused misunderstandings within the paint industry. Most coatings are viscoelastic, and hence will indent to some extent. DIN 55 945 defines hardness as follows: Hardness is the resistance of a coating to a mechanical force, such as pressure, rubbing or scratching.
The Pendulum Hardness tester is very precise measurement of hardness using either a Konig or Persoz pendulum.
Features include:
Digital counter to display and record test results
Acoustic signal to notify operator of test completion
Selector switch to display oscillations or seconds
Easy changeover of pendulums
Protective cover to eliminate influence of air currents
Compliant with ASTM D4366 and ISO 1522.
Order No. Product Name
5858 Pendulum Hardness Test König
5859 Pendulum Hardness Test Persoz
5861 Pendulum Hardness Test König/Persoz
5856 König Pendulum
5857 Persoz Pendulum


Product information sheet 

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