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  • 4-Sided Bar applicator

    The 4-sided bar applicator is versatile and offers multiple gap clearances.

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  • Applicator Frame

    For low viscosity coatings, the applicator frame is the ideal choice.

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  • auto-match III 45/0

    The auto-match III provides effective control of your colour match process in store. Using a 45/0 circumferential illumination, it matches your samples as your eye sees them.

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  • Black Glass Panel

    The Black Glass Panel is used to assess hiding power and offers a flat substrate for critical gloss measurements.

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  • Buchholz Indentation Tester

    The Buchholz tester is a reliable test for plastic deformable coatings.

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  • BYK-mac i

    The BYK-mac i provides a total colour impression of metallic colours and effect pigments, measuring both multi-angle colour and flake characterisation in one portable device.

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  • BYK-mac i COLOR

    The BYK-mac i spectrophotometer objectively measures total colour impression under different viewing angles and lighting conditions. Additionally, it detects and quantifies fluorescent light in the visible range.

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  • byko-charts

    BYK-Gardner offers a wide range of drawdown cards and charts for virtually any application and coating material.

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  • byko-cut thickness gage

    The byko-cut is a universal testing instrument to measure the film thickness, adhesion and hardness of paints and coatings on metal and non-metal substrates.

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  • byko-drive

    The byko-drive automatic applicator is an economical film applicator that improves the consistency of drawdowns.

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  • byko-spectra effect

    Effect finish appearance is influenced by different viewing angles and viewing conditions. BYK-Gardner’s byko-spectra effect light booth enables both parameters to be controlled to ensure objective evaluation of the total colour impression of effect finishes.

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  • byko-spectra pro

    For critical colour evaluation, the byko-spectra pro light booth offers every option and feature needed to evaluate and communicate colour with absolute confidence.

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