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  • BYK-mac i

    The BYK-mac i provides a total colour impression of metallic colours and effect pigments, measuring both multi-angle colour and flake characterisation in one portable device.

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  • byko-charts

    BYK-Gardner offers a wide range of drawdown cards and charts for virtually any application and coating material.

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  • byko-spectra effect

    Effect finish appearance is influenced by different viewing angles and viewing conditions. BYK-Gardner’s byko-spectra effect light booth enables both parameters to be controlled to ensure objective evaluation of the total colour impression of effect finishes.

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  • byko-spectra pro

    For critical colour evaluation, the byko-spectra pro light booth offers every option and feature needed to evaluate and communicate colour with absolute confidence.

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  • byko-spectra standard

    The byko-spectra standard light booth offers consistent colour evaluation under five illuminants at an affordable price.

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  • haze-gard i

    haze-gard i gives you total transparency control.

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  • micro-gloss

    The micro-gloss has been the unsurpassed industry standard in gloss measurement for many years. The smart functions and intuitive menu operation make gloss measurement an easy task. Outstanding performance in temperature control and inter-instrument agreement guarantee reliable quality control.

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  • micro-TRI-gloss

    micro-TRI-gloss is a three-angle gloss meter enabling gloss changes to be seen under various angles. It responds to international glossmeter standards which specifies three measurement geometries to clearly obtain differences over the whole range from matte to high gloss.

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  • micro-wave-scan

    micro-wave-scan measures orange peel and DOI enabling you to analyse and optimise the surface quality and appearance of small and curved parts.

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  • spectro2guide

    spectro2guide is the next step in objective colour measurement, simultaneously assessing colour, 60° gloss and fluorescence in one single tool.

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