Fosfodet range

Fosfodet® surfactants reduce foam formation and foam stability compared to traditional Ethoxylated Phosphate esters. The products benefit from novel technology through which Propylene Oxide is inserted into the molecular structures.

Low foam and enhanced emulsion stability are not the only advantages of the range. Fosfodet CS-0602, Fosfodet CS-0606 and Fosfodet C-0609 show the following:

-  Very good corrosion inhibition, preventing aluminium staining
-  Improved lubrication, resulting in improvements to extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
Enhanced hard water and electrolyte stability and lime soap dispersion power, which can be further optimised through synergistic effects when used in combination with long chain Akypo products, such as Akypo RO.

Liquid and easy to formulate, Fosfodet CS PO-EO phosphate esters are suitable for applications including metalworking fluids, rolling oils, conveyor belt lubrication and hydraulic fluids.


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