temp-gard pro

BYK-Gardner offers a complete line of oven recorders, which allow you to control and optimise your baking process – independent of paint system or measurement points.
The temp-gard temperature recorder systems measure and save object and air temperature during the cure process. Documentation and analysis of temperature profiles is made easy with the included temp-chart software. 
The large LCD display allows the measurement parameters to be set directly on the logger and the temperature profile of all connected probes is displayed on the screen. The certified high accuracy guarantees long-term reliable results.

Order No. Product Name
3306 temp-gard pro 6p, no probes
3307 temp-gard pro 6p C
3308 temp-gard pro 12p, no probes
3309 temp-gard pro 12p C
3317 temp-gard pro 6p
3319 temp-gard pro 12p


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