Square Frame

The square frame applicator combines the accuracy of a fixed bar applicator with the versatility of a multi-clearance applicator. It offers eight gap clearances in one frame and is made of high-quality stainless steel for long life. A large selection of film widths is available.

Order No. Product Name
5361 Square Frame 2″, 1-8 mils
5351 Square Frame 2″, 5-50 mils
5363 Square Frame 2″, 0.5-6 mils
5353 Square Frame 3″, 1-8 mils
5354 Square Frame 3″, 5-50 mils
5355 Square Frame 3″, 0.5-6 mils
5359 Square Frame 3″, 10-78.7 mils
5356 Square Frame 4″, 1-8 mils
5357 Square Frame 4″, 5-50 mils
5358 Square Frame 4″, 0.5-6 mils


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