Rheobyk-L 1400 VF (formerly OPTIFLO-L 1400)

As a result of the Newtonian flow behaviour, Rheobyk-L 1400 VF (formerly OPTIFLO-L 1400) has only a negligible impact on the low shear range and improves or increases the brushability. The additive also reduces spattering during application.

Greater layer thicknesses can be achieved along with an excellent balance between the flow properties and leveling. The additive is liquid and therefore easy to handle.

It is not necessary to adjust the pH value or control the temperature during incorporation.

When combined with rheology additives which are effective in the low shear range, such as the Rheobyk-H series, it enables an optimum processability.

Rheobyk-L 1400 VF is preferably used in emulsion paints and coatings that are based on acrylate, styrene acrylate and vinyl acetate copolymer binders as well as in PU and alkyd emulsions and epoxy dispersions. Recommended for architectural, wood and furniture coatings.


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