Rheobyk-H 7500 VF (formerly OPTIFLO-H 7500 VF)

VOC-free associative thickener (HEUR) for aqueous systems, especially for spray applications, to generate a highly pseudoplastic flow behaviour.

Rheobyk-H 3300 VF (formerly OPTIFLO-H 7500 VF) significantly increases the viscosity in the low shear range. It reduces sagging and increases storage stability. The additive is liquid and therefore easy to handle. It is not necessary to adjust the pH value or control the temperature during incorporation.

When combined with rheology additives which are effective in the high shear range, such as the Rheobyk-L/T series, it enables an optimum processability.

Rheobyk-H 7500 VF has been specifically developed for emulsion paints that are based on VAE binders. It can also be used in emulsion paints and coatings which are based on acrylate, styrene acrylate and vinyl acetate.

Recommended for architectural, protective, wood and furniture coatings.


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