Rheobyk 7420 ES (formerly BYK 7420 ES)

Rheobyk 7420 ES (formerly BYK 7420 ES) is a liquid rheology additive for aqueous and water-reducible coating systems for improving anti-sagging and anti-settling properties. The additive is also especially suited for manufacturing aqueous pigment concentrates.

For applications within lubricants and foundries, after being incorporated into the system, the additive generates a three-dimensional network structure. The resulting thixotropic flow behaviour is ideal for preventing fillers (eg graphite, MoS2) from settling, without negatively impacting handling.

The additive is liquid and therefore easy to handle. It is not necessary to specifically adjust the pH value or control the temperature during incorporation.

Rheobyk 7420 ES is preferably used as an anti-settling additive to produce aqueous filler concentrates (e.g. graphite, MoS2). The additive's excellent shear thinning effect causes a sharp drop in viscosity under shear stress, which is advantageous in the subsequent application. Post-addition is possible.


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