OPTIGEL WH is produced from natural, colloidal aluminium silicate by a unique process. The high purity and consistent viscosity of OPTIGEL WH are made possible by selective mining and rigid process control from the crude ore to the finished product. OPTIGEL WH is thixotropic in nature. It is most beneficial when it is used in combination with other rheological additives to produce the desired rheological properties in a paint system. Suitable co-thickeners include cellulosics, alkali swellables, and urethane thickeners. OPTIGEL WH is a very economical thixotrope, representing a fraction of the cost of most cellulosic thickeners. It contributes to excellent spray atomisation properties. Key benefits: economical, heat stable, chemical stability with co-solvents, shear tolerant, enzyme-proof, rapid shear recovery, low high shear viscosity, high low shear viscosity, wide pH range tolerance (6-12).


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