OPTIGEL-CK XR is a specially selected and activated bentonite product, is highly swelling in water and shows a marked thixotropic thickening effect. OPTIGEL-CK XR prevents settling of heavy pigments/extenders and incorporates a yield value into the system. OPTIGEL-CK XR is purely inorganic and stable against diluted acids and bases. Gels produced with OPTIGEL-CK XR also withstand oxidation or microbial degradation. OPTIGEL-CK XR is compatible with most emulsions, pigments or extenders. Higher concentration of electrolytes should be avoided since otherwise the gel structure can be damaged. By using OPTIGEL-CK XR, storage stable systems can be produced. Due to the incorporated yield value and thixotropy the application is significantly improved. OPTIGEL-CK XR prevents settling of heavy pigments or fillers. As a thixotropic agent OPTIGEL-CK XR reduces sagging and allows the application of thick coatings.


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