New surfactant range reduces foam formation in metalworking fluids


The new low-foaming Fosfodet range of surfactants from our key supply partner Kao Chemical brings enhanced benefits for metalworking fluids, oils and lubricants.

Effective foam control is an important trend within metalworking fluids which need to cope with environments in which operating pressures and pumping rates are increasing.

Addressing these demands, the new range of Fosfodet surfactants from Kao Chemical reduce foam formation and foam stability compared to traditional Ethoxylated Phosphate esters. Fosfodet products benefit from novel technology through which Propylene Oxide is inserted into the molecular structures.

Low foam and enhanced emulsion stability are not the only advantages of the range. Fosfodet CS-0602, Fosfodet CS-0606 and Fosfodet C-0609 show the following:

Liquid and easy to formulate, Fosfodet CS PO-EO phosphate esters are suitable for applications including metalworking fluids, rolling oils, conveyor belt lubrication and hydraulic fluids.

For information or more details please contact our Functional and Industrial Applications Business Line Manager, Greg White on 01959 560817 or email.

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