Surface appearance changes with the size and distinctness of wavy structures. The wave-scan analyses waviness intensity with 5 wavelength ranges (0.1 mm - 30 mm) and evaluates the brilliance of the surface. The results form a “structure spectrum" and help you to analyse and optimise the surface quality based on material and/or process parameters. From substrate to top coat, from film thickness to levelling - wave-scan is your diagnostic and QC tool at the same time to keep the process under control.

With micro-wave-scan, you can objectively evaluate Orange Peel and DOI on very curved components or small add-on parts - like fuel doors, mirror housings, door handles, decorative trim or motorcycle parts. DOI measurement is also possible without scanning the surfacen>

It comes with a docking station for recharging and data transfer to smart-chart allowing professional analysis, documentation and data management. micro-wave-scan fits in the palm of your hand: it is small, lightweight and easy to use.

Features include:

  • For flat and curved surfaces (radius > 30 cm)
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Classical LW, SW and customer specific scales
  • Structure spectrum to analyse appearance changes for optimisation
  • Dullness and DOI measurement independent of the paint system
  • Easy scroll wheel operation and large, multilingual display
  • Scales and scan lengths can be selected from menu
  • Full statistics and data saving
  • Docking station for data transfer to the PC and recharging the batteries of the Orange Peel meter
  • smart-chart software for data analysis and documentation



  1. Ordering details
  2. Decription micro-wave-scan
  3. Cat. No. 4824


Please contact Simon Moss on (+44) 1959 560818 or via email for further information or quotation



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