Measure colour as you really see it with the new spectro2profiler


The launch of spectro2profiler, available from Blagden, takes objective colour measurement to a whole new level by integrating four parameters within a single robust, portable instrument.

When you look at an object, its colour is just one element of what you perceive. Gloss and surface grain also contribute to the overall appearance. Various products with exactly the same coating colour may appear different as a result of these other parameters.

What this means is that objective measurement of colour alone is not enough. However, until now, grain or surface structure could only be judged visually or with the use of sophisticated microscopes. That has changed with the launch of BYK-Gardner's spectro2profiler, available from Blagden.

Colour, gloss and surface topography combined

This single instrument combines colour, gloss and surface appearance. It measures colour as you see it. It also measures structure and gloss as you see it. And it provides a new 3D structure analysis by taking multiple images under different illumination conditions to estimate surface curvature. This data is aligned with 2D camera-based reflectivity measurements which separate gloss reflection from the ‘hills and valleys’ of structured surfaces. Colour-coded images visualise the 2D/3D measurement data for ease of interpretation.

Highly accurate, spectro2profiler competes with microscopic analysis to provide comparative data which can be analysed for use in product development and compared with global standards. It is portable and easy to operate with an intuitive smartphone-like interface. A live preview of the measurement spot ensures precise positioning and avoids false readings on scratches or imperfections. Shadows on the image indicate if the instrument is tilted.

Ensure consistent measurement and global standards across supply chain

The results obtained from spectro2profiler enable you to ensure consistent measurement both from a single instrument and between instruments. Global connectivity allows you to identify and maintain global standards through your entire supply chain as well as in lab analyses.

spectro2profiler is ideally suited for ensuring production quality control of injection or slush-moulded parts, structural coatings including powder coatings, the analysis of leather and fake leather, and more. It is particularly useful for achieving overall harmony of automotive interiors where different parts are made from different materials with the same grain.

For more information about spectro2profiler and other quality control measurement solutions, please contact Simon Moss on 01959 560818 or email.


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