Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for PVC and thermoplastics applications to improve the dispersion and reduce the viscosity of filled and pigmented systems. Suitable for producing liquid colour masterbatches and solid masterbatches. DISPERPLAST®-1150 reduces the viscosity of pigmented and filled PVC plastisols. It is particularly recommended for inorganic pigments, zinc oxide and blowing agents (azodicarbonamide). The product enables a greater solids content, improves the colour strength of the pigments and shortens the dispersion time. It also prevents any separation of the plasticiser. The tendency of settling is reduced. In thermoplastics DISPERPLAST®-1150 absorbs onto the pigment surface and generally enables a better processing and dispersion of the pigments. It is recommended for producing fatty acid-based liquid colour masterbatches with inorganic pigments which are used to colour thermoplastics (PE, PP, PET). In doing so, it significantly reduces the viscosity therefore enabling a greater pigmentation. The additive is also recommended in solid masterbatches for stabilising inorganic pigments and effect pigments in PE, PP and PET. In these systems, it improves the torque build-up, the throughput, the viscosity (MVR) and the filter pressure value (FPV).


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