DISPERBYK-2158 is characterised by its highly effective dispersion and stabilisation of untreated and treated silica-based matting agents. When combined with the matting agents, the use of DISPERBYK-2158 strongly reduces the viscosity and minimises thixotropy while generating Newtonian flow behaviour. This makes it possible to use a significantly greater quantity of matting agents. In addition, it is possible to achieve a much more homogeneous incorporation and orientation of the matting agents. Thanks to the form in which it is supplied, DISPERBYK-2158 does not introduce any volatile solvents to the coating formulation, which is a particularly distinctive feature for its use in deep-matt solvent-free UV-curing wood and furniture coatings. The additive has outstanding compatibility with all common oligomers and monomers that are used in solvent-free UV-curing coating systems. Especially recommended for wood and furniture coatings.


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