100 % wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne, solvent-free, and aqueous cost-sensitive formulations. DISPERBYK-2055 is a high molecular-weight wetting and dispersing additive with a solids content of 100%. It is liquid and has a good processing viscosity. DISPERBYK-2055 can be used in systems of varying polarity, from low-polarity solvent-borne systems, including air-drying alkyds, alkyd/melamine resins, nitrocellulose, 2-pack polyurethanes, acrylic/melamine resins, and UV-curable coatings, through to aqueous systems. In solvent-borne systems it can be used with or without grinding resin, whereas in aqueous formulations the best results are achieved with binder-free grinds. DISPERBYK-2055 is the perfect additive for co-grinds, in which different pigments are typically ground together, and for pigment concentrates. With DISPERBYK-2055, it is possible to produce binder-containing or binder-free pigment concentrates that can be used both in aqueous and in solvent-borne coatings. DISPERBYK-2055 stabilises inorganic pigments, including titanium dioxide and transparent iron oxides, organic pigments, carbon blacks, effect pigments, fillers, and matting agents. DISPERBYK-2055 has no negative impact on coating adhesion (not even when applied directly to metal), water- and chemical resistance, or hardness and yellowing resistance. DISPERBYK-2055 has an excellent price-performance ratio. Especially recommended for coil, industrial, wood and furniture, automotive and protective coatings.


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