Wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne coating applications and pigment concentrates. Particularly suited to pigment pastes that do not contain binders. The additive deflocculates pigments by steric stabilisation. It also generates a uniform electrical charge in the pigment particles. The resulting repulsion effect and the steric stabilisation prevent any co-flocculation which leads to flood and float-free colour in pigment blends. As a result of the small particle sizes of the deflocculated pigments, high levels of gloss can be achieved and the colour strength is improved. In addition, the additive increases transparency in transparent pigments and hiding power in opaque pigments. Viscosity is reduced. In this way, the flow characteristics are also improved and higher pigment load is possible. DISPERBYK-2050 is suitable for medium to high polarity solvent-borne coating systems. It is recommended for the production of binder-containing and binder-free pigment concentrates and also for direct pigment grinding in the aforementioned systems.


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