Wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne architectural coatings and pigment concentrates on the basis of alkyd resins. The additive is suitable for all pigments. The additive deflocculates pigments through steric stabilisation of the pigments. Due to the small particle size of the deflocculated pigments, high gloss is achieved and the colour strength is improved. In addition, this product increases the transparency and hiding power of pigments and reduces viscosity. Subsequently, it improves leveling and allows for higher pigment loading. The additive is especially recommended for architectural coatings to stabilise titanium dioxide, fillers, and other inorganic and organic pigments. The percentage of fillers can often be increased without reducing gloss. White coatings stabilised with DISPERBYK-107 do not exhibit flooding and floating and show improved colour acceptance when using universal colourants. The additive is suitable for formulating pigment concentrates on the basis of long oil alkyds.


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