Mottling is an undesirable paint defect of lightness variations which can occur with effect coatings and is most obvious on light metallics. Typical causes can be a disorientation of the metallic flakes or film thickness variations of the basecoat.
BYK-Gardner’s mottling meter, cloud-runner, objectively evaluates mottling as we see it and characterises the mottles by size and visibility. As a result, differences can be easily distinguished and target values specified for batch approval and process control. The small and ergonomic design of the cloud-runner allows measurement in the lab for paint approval as well as in the line to evaluate process variations.
Features include:
• Measures under three angles to simulate different observing conditions
• Ideal tool for the production line: small, fast and easy to handle
• For flat and curved areas (radius larger than 50 cm)
• Scan length can be selected on the mottle meter from 10 to 100 cm
• Easy scroll wheel operation and large, multilingual display
• Full statistics with ability to save in selectable memories
• Docking station for data transfer to the PC and recharging batteries.

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