Finely micronised wax additive for aqueous and solvent-borne systems for increasing slip with simultaneous improvement of scratch resistance. In can coatings and coil coatings, CERAFLOUR 925 offers a good balance of scratch resistance and surface slip. Within this, the additive has no negative influences on other coating properties such as substrate wetting, inter-coat adhesion or compound adhesion. CERAFLOUR 925 improves abrasion and scratch resistance in solvent-borne and water-borne wood coatings as well as UV-overprint varnishes. Possible areas of application include decorative furniture foils. CERAFLOUR 925 can also be used in aqueous systems which contain a high proportion of organic co-solvents. The additive is suitable for high-gloss systems and can also be used in thin layers. Especially recommended for coil, can and industrial coatings. Also suitable for wood coatings.


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