BYK-UV 3505

Radiation curing is a fast and highly effective method to process coatings. Thus, the systems and the additives that are used in this sort of coating production need to react quickly and show some more specific characteristics such as a high mobility, strong surface orientation (for quick access to the coating´s surface), and a good compatibility (for high quality application results in various binder systems). On the basis of a versatile toolbox BYK has now designed an innovative family of different additives for radiation curing systems that do not only possess the above-mentioned qualities but that are also neutral in colour and odour. BYK®-UV 3505, BYK®-UV 3535, BYK®-UV 3575, and BYK®-UV 3576 crosslink with the coating matrix for no migration and a long-lasting effect. As the additives have been designed individually each of them shows its own profile with respect to slip enhancement or influence on the coatings´ surface tension. Together they form a family that meets the requirements of almost all available systems from solvent-borne to aqueous, or from epoxy acrylates to unsaturated polyesters.


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