BYK-R 607

Rheology additive for solvent-free and solvent-borne systems to enhance the rheological properties in conjunction with hydrophilic fumed silica and clay additives. BYK-R 607 is a rheology additive for the thixotropic enhancement of solid thixotropes e.g. hydrophilic fumed silica or clay additives. The additive reinforces the network developed by the thixotrope, ensuring that it does not break down, as it usually would, when the amine hardener is added. BYK-R 607 enables hydrophilic fumed silica or clay additives to be used alone in 2-component epoxy systems. When using BYK-R 607, it is not necessary to use hydrophobic fumed silica in epoxy resin and hydrophilic fumed silica in the curing agent to achieve very high layer thicknesses. The additive is added to the curing agent. The spontaneous increase in viscosity is achieved by the formation of hydrogen bonds between the thixotrope and the BYK-R 607. The formulator is now able to rely on inexpensive hydrophilic, pyrogenic fumed silica or clay additives, without having to compromise the application properties. This enables an automatic reduction in raw materials costs and improves the quality of the product. Especially recommended for general industrial coatings, also suitable for protective coatings and architectural coatings.


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