BYK-P 4100

BYK®-P 4100 is a polymer processing additive for filled, thermoplastic compounds as well as for PVC plastisols and PVC calender applications. It provides excellent separation properties during processing of PVC plastisols and thermoplastic PVC. It increases throughput, reduces torque and melt flow index. For Thermoplastics, BYK®-P 4100 is a surface-active processing additive for use in filled, thermoplastic compounds. During compounding, the additive reduces the required torque. The output capacity and the melt volume rate (MVR) are increased. The tensile strength, E-modulus and notch impact strength are increased in the finished part. The printability is improved. In PVC plastisols, the additive has very good release properties from gelling drums, release papers, flat screens and moulds. It also influences the cell structure of chemically blown foams and improves the resilience and increases the air permeability. The use of BYK®-P 4100 can bring about an increased water uptake. In PVC calendar applications, the additive has very good release properties during the processing of soft, semi-rigid and rigid PVCs. The printability of the end product is also improved.


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