BYK-mac i

The BYK-mac i provides a total colour impression of metallic colours and effect pigments, measuring both multi-angle colour and flake characterisation in one portable device.  

The appearance of effect finishes is influenced by different viewing angles and viewing conditions. Apart from a light-dark flop and colour shift, special sparkling effects can be created.






Features include:

  • Total colour impression: 5-angle colour measurement for light/dark travel evaluation (15° / 25° / 45° / 75° / 110°);
  • Additional colour measurement behind the gloss for colour travel of interference pigments (-15°);
  • Sparkle and graininess measurement for flake characterisation;
  • Also measures flop and fluorescent craterisation

These combine to show a complete colour impression.

It conforms to global standards and can be wifi enabled. A small aperture version is available as are accessories for cosmetics measurement – powder, curved objects, liquids and wet drawdowns.

BYK’s smart label software is included as well as free training and set up session.

Download Product Information Sheet

Ordering information 

  1. 7030 BYK-mac i 23 mm 23 mm diameter
  2. 7034 BYK-mac i 12 mm 12 mm diameter
  3. 7031 BYK-mac i Sensor 23 mm 23 mm diameter
  4. 7035 BYK-mac i Sensor 12 mm 12 mm diameter


Please contact Simon Moss on (+44) 1959 560818 or via email for further information or quotation


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