BYK®-9077 is a solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne and solvent-free coatings, adhesives, PVC plastisols, ambient curing resin systems, SMC, pultrusion, and solvent-free UV printing inks. It has applications in the production of color masterbatches for thermoplastics and is particularly recommended for basic carbon black pigments. For SMC and pultrusion, BYK®-9077 is recommended for stabilising organic pigments and particularly basic carbon blacks. For ambient curing resin systems, BYK®-9077 deflocculates pigments by means of steric stabilisation. It also generates a uniform electrical charge in the pigment particles. The resulting repulsion effect and the steric stabilisation prevent any coflocculation which leads to non-floating colouring in pigment blends. As a result of the small particle size of the deflocculated pigments, high levels of gloss can be achieved and the colour strength is improved. In addition, the transparency is increased in transparent pigments and the hiding power improved in opaque pigments. The viscosity is reduced. In this way, the flow characteristics are also improved and a higher pigment load is possible. For thermoplastics, BYK®-9077 significantly reduces the viscosity and brings about Newtonian flow characteristics in the millbase. It improves the torque build-up, the throughput, the viscosity (MVR), the filter pressure value (FPV), and the dispersion quality.


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