Silicone surface additive for solvent-free, radiation curable, and solvent-borne coatings, adhesives and printing inks with a strong reduction of surface tension. Hydroxy-functional and solvent-free. BYK-377 is a highly effective silicone additive, which improves substrate wetting of solvent-free UV curable overprint varnishes and printing inks even at low dosage levels. In most cases, half of the standard dosage of conventional silicones is sufficient. The significant reduction in surface tension makes this product especially suitable for wetting critical substrates and conventional offset inks. The benefits of BYK-377 are particularly apparent in printing inks on high speed printing machines. Since it is highly compatible with standard resins, it is also useful for the production of highly transparent overprint varnishes. When used in UV systems, the effectiveness of BYK-377 is comparable to that of BYK-UV 3510. Both products are interchangeable. Of all BYK silicone additives, BYK-377 is the most suitable for improving tape release properties in overprint varnishes. Especially recommended for overprint varnishes, flexo inks, offset inks, and screen inks.


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