Silicone surfactant for aqueous coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes with a considerable reduction in the surface tension. Suitable for systems that do not contain co-solvents. The additive produces a significant decrease in the surface tension of aqueous systems and therefore particularly improves substrate wetting and leveling. It only marginally, if at all, stabilises foam and the recoatability is not impaired. BYK-347 is characterised by its good substrate wetting properties, particularly also with thin-layered application. The additive does not increase the surface slip. If a greater surface slip is required, we recommended that it is combined with a polysiloxane such as BYK-333. The additive is recommended for all aqueous coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes, particularly also for formulations which do not contain co-solvents.


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