VOC-free silicone-containing defoamer for solvent-borne, high-solid, and solvent-free systems. Particularly suitable for 100 % UV systems. Extremely high defoaming action. Especially recommended for matted and pigmented systems and printing inks. BYK-1799 is a highly effective, emission-free silicone defoamer that is especially suitable for 100% UV systems. The additive displays excellent spontaneous defoaming and is effective against both macro- and microfoam. Even at a low dosage, BYK-1799 has powerful defoaming properties, which makes it particularly recommended for matted or pigmented systems that have a certain tendency towards foam stabilisation. Furthermore, the additive is characterised by being highly effective in high-solid and solvent-free systems based on epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic acid esters, as they are used in architectural or protective coatings. Recommended for wood and furniture coatings and general industrial coatings. Also suitable for architectural and protective coatings.


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