Versatile new additives are label free and offer great performance


The launch of two new wetting and dispersing additives from BYK provide solutions in cases where organic pigments and carbon blacks present particular challenges for maximum product performance or where undesirable solvents are to be avoided in the formulation.


The new Disperbyk-2014 has a focus on 100% maximum transparency and perfect development of organic pigments and carbon blacks. It is VOC-free (<1,500ppm), label free and easy to handle. It meets the need for versatile 100% wetting and dispersing additives that can be used across the full spectrum of printing inks from aqueous to solvent borne, solvent free and UV systems.


Disperbyk-2030 is a high molecular weight wetting and dispersing additive with improved water resistance for solvent-free UV curable printing inks and inkjet inks, suitable for all pigment types. The additive improves pigment wetting and optical properties – optical density, colour strength, gloss, haze and transparency. The viscosity of pigment concentrates and finished inkjet inks is reduced and thixotropy prevented to achieve long term stability. It also generates uniform electrical charge across pigment particles preventing co-flocculation. Disperbyk-2030 is suitable for all solvent-free, UV-curable inkjet inks and stabilises the majority of the pigments usually used in inkjet inks.

For more information and to test these new products for your own applications, please contact Philip Randall on 01959 560857 or email.

Please note: Information provided here is given in good faith and without liability. It is intended for guidance only. Users are advised to conduct their own independent examination of the product to ascertain its suitability for incorporation into processes or products. Users should ensure that the use of the product complies with all pertinent current legislation. We guarantee to supply to specification, not performance.

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