Take a closer look at silicate-based masonry paints


Durable and environmentally friendly, silicate paints are growing in popularity with forward-looking manufacturers and it’s not hard to see why.

The multiple benefits offered by silicate coating technology make silicate systems ideal to meet challenging modern demands. In particular, they offer significant environmental benefits as they are solvent free and not based on petrochemical raw materials. What’s more, the chemical reaction that takes place between the binder and the masonry substrate makes the paint more durable, requiring less frequent re-application.

With 125 years’ experience with alkali silicates, our key supply partner Woellner has spent the past 50 years undertaking intense application-oriented research in the water-based coatings sector. Its Betolin® system uses high-quality silicate binders and formulation additives to deliver water-based coatings with the following advantages:

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