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  • Allantoin

    Allantoin has a number of skin care applications, bringing moisturising effects as well as properties that help create smooth, healthy skin. 

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  • Aloe Vera Powder

    A real store of nutritional components, Aloe Vera Powder brings anti-oxidant, soothing and moisturising benefits and is reported to improve the skin’s elasticity.

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  • Avenacare Oat Beta Glucan

    Avenacare­ is a gently prepared solution of oat beta glucan soluble fibre, ideal for natural skin care and personal care products.

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  • Biomer

    Biomer is a modified vegetable polymer suitable for the preparation of cosmetic gels or viscous systems.

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  • Blackcummin Seed Oil Cold Processed Virgin

    Black Cumin Seed Oil is rich in vitamin A, C and E as well as biotin, sterols and micronutrients.

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  • Blackcurrant Extract Powder

    Blackcurrant Extract Powder is a source of phytochemicals that exhibit antimicrobial properties.

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  • Blackcurrant Oil

    Blackcurrant seed oil is used to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.

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  • BlagCare PQ10

    BlagCare PQ10 is a polymer that enables formulators to design conditioning formulations with excellent deposition in hair and skin care products.

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  • BlagCare PQ111

    This film-forming polymer is used in a wide range of cosmetic and toiletry applications for both skin and hair.

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  • BlagCare PQ7PF

    BlagCare PQ7PF is a highly efficient and versatile water-soluble cationic polymer with excellent skin and hair conditioning properties.

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  • BlagGel 100

    BlagGel 100 is a water swellable thickener for water and hydro-alcoholic systems.

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  • BlagGuard 9088

    BlagGuard 9088 is a paraben free preservative with broad spectrum activity between pH 3 and 7.

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