New BYK additives improve properties of thermal interface materials


Two new wetting and dispersing additives have been developed by BYK to improve the application properties of silicone thermal interface materials. BYK-LP X 21879 and BYK-LP X 25383 allow high thermal conductive filler loadings for electronic adhesives and gap fillers based on silicone systems.

By increasing the transfer of heat from electric devices or displacing air at the interface of the heat source and heat sink, thermal interface materials prevent the potentially harmful overheating of electrical devices. Such materials include thermal conductive pads and greases, thermal adhesive tapes and films, thermal gap fillers, gels, encapsulants and thermal potting material.

Increased filler loadings and storage stability

Key benefits of these new additives include:

LP X 25383 is designed for corrosion sensitive applications. It is ideal for RTV-2 systems and has no influence on curing behaviour.

Defoamers and rheology additives bring added benefits

Also available within the BYK portfolio are defoamers and air release additives which improve thermal transfer efficiency by reducing the incorporation of air during the mixing process and by displacing air from the materials. In addition, these additives can reduce defects in the cured thermal interface material. For materials used in vertical applications, rheology additives influence the workability, anti-settling and sag resistance.

Additives for thermal interface materials are also available for non-silicone-based systems, such as epoxy and polyurethane.

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