Looking for higher performance from your HI&I products?


Good news for R&D departments seeking to improve their household, institutional and industrial cleaning and care products. Our supply partner, BYK has announced a new focus on performance additives for this market.

The properties of detergents, cleaning, and care products can be substantially improved by incorporating suitable additives in the formulation. The announcement by BYK that it is developing and expanding its portfolio for the HI&I market gives formulators new options for improving and differentiating their products.

One key area of focus is on additives suitable for Ecolabel-certified products.

In addition, BYK’s product range encompasses:  

End use applications for these additives include: Cleaning products for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, floor polishes, leather care, vehicle cleaning and care products, industrial cleaning products, detergents and care products for fabrics.

At Blagden, we can help you identify the most suitable additives for projects in your R&D programme. We can advise on the best samples to test and provide data and formulation advice. To access our technical recommendations and these high-performance products, please contact our Functional and Industrial Applications Business Line Manager, Greg White on 01959 560817 or email.

Please note: Information provided here is given in good faith and without liability. It is intended for guidance only. Users are advised to conduct their own independent examination of the product to ascertain its suitability for incorporation into processes or products. Users should ensure that the use of the product complies with all pertinent current legislation. We guarantee to supply to specification, not performance.

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