Here comes the sun… care!


We’ve got a range of interesting products for the sun care market. Take a look at some top picks:

VITALISIS® from Sollice Biotech promotes the adaptation of skin to allow it to preserve itself and maintain its radiance in an urban environment. As well as protection, it restores and reinforces the skin’s natural defences. It is described as a dose of vitality to restore skin balance in urban life.

SunbestTM range from Vinner Labs includes next-generation sunscreen filters including: Iscotrizinol (SunbestTM-HEB); SunbestTM-M (Bisoctrizol) which belongs to a new class of UV-filters and acts as a micropigment and organic UV absorber; and SunbestTM-S, containing the active Bemotrizinol, which is photo-stable and helps prevent photo-degradation of other sunscreen actives. Using a combination of the actives in the Sunbest range, SPF factors between 30 and 50 are possible to achieve by customer formulations proving their efficacy. Any SPF claims made against a formulation must be supported with test data in line with EU regulations.

All the above could also be tested for inclusion in everyday face and skin creams as well as aimed just for sun products.

For more information about these and other innovative sun care ingredients, please contact Dr Russell Cox on 01959 560828 or email.


Please note: Information provided here is given in good faith and without liability. It is intended for guidance only. Users are advised to conduct their own independent examination of the product to ascertain its suitability for incorporation into processes or products. Users should ensure that the use of the product complies with all pertinent current legislation. We guarantee to supply to specification, not performance.

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