BYK offers world’s first certified additive for wind power plants


Our key supply partner, BYK has achieved a world first in certifying one of its additives for wind power plants, BYK-C 8001. It means manufacturers of wind turbines can use the polymer coupling agent without further testing in their glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin systems.

The new additive significantly enhances mechanical strength and, consequently, the robustness of the rotor blade. It means longer blades can be manufactured at practically the same weight. This is a significant benefit for the wind turbine industry which is seeking increased efficiency through larger and more effective turbines.

Up to 60% enhancement of mechanical properties and longer service life

BYK-C 8001 leads to substantial increase in the mechanical properties of rotor blades for wind power plants on account of the enhanced glass fibre matrix bonding. Special features include design freedom and universal applicability. The product is deployed in a liquid state, making dosage easy using amine hardeners, for example.

The additive enhances mechanical properties by up to 60% since the coupling agent BYK-C 8001 is a co-polymer with reactive groups that optimise the mechanical strength and longevity of the fibre reinforced resins in the rotor blades. Results of fatigue tests directly indicate longer blade life. Another special feature is that it is deployable with every epoxy compatible glass fibre fabric irrespective of age while maintaining consistently high quality in the finished component.

BYK-C 8001 certified by Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL)

In recognition of the fact that the wind power market, like the aviation market, only ever uses certified resources and raw materials, BYK applied for BYK-C 8001 to be certified. This certification was undertaken by globally recognised Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL) and has resulted in BYK-C 8001 becoming the first certified additive worldwide.

This certification means the product can be incorporated into the resin system without requiring revalidation, saving costs and time.

Benefits for further applications

BYK-C 8001 is suitable not only for use in structural components such as rotor blades for wind turbines but also in comparable systems such as automotive or aviation components.

To find out more about BYK-C 8001, please contact Ian Corke on 01959 560809 or email.

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