Blagden launches dedicated business sector for Graphic Arts


Blagden Specialty Chemicals, a leading supplier of chemicals and additives to manufacturers in the UK and Ireland, has launched a fourth sector within its industrial division group. Focused on the Graphic Arts sector, it is headed by Phil Randall, formerly manager of Blagden Coatings. Michael Austin has joined Blagden to manage the company’s Coatings business.

“Our industrial business has grown considerably over recent years,” explained Blagden CEO Graham Turton. “The addition of the Eckart pigment range to our portfolio in 2016, alongside the specialist additives we supply, makes us the ideal one-stop-shop for the digital and printing inks markets. The new sector aligns with our key supply partners’ end markets and ensures we provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Phil Randall to lead new Graphic Arts sector
Phil Randall, formerly running the Coatings sector is now Business Line Manager for the Graphic Arts sector. He brings considerable knowledge of the product range and an understanding of customer requirements.

“This is an exciting opportunity to substantially develop our business in these markets,” he said. “Blagden is an established supplier for inkjet and printing inks manufacturers and the new dedicated sector allows us to direct resources to develop the products and service we offer.”

Michael Austin joins Blagden to head Coatings
Michael Austin has joined Blagden as Business Line Manager for the Coatings sector. Michael is a chemist with considerable experience in the coatings and paints industry. He worked for Blagden previously, promoting and selling BYK Additives, and was most recently employed by Perstorp where he handled a wide range of specialty polyols for coatings, resins and other applications. He has also worked in large multi-nationals including BP Chemicals and Koch Industries.

“Blagden provides coatings manufacturers in the UK and Ireland with the specialist ingredients which not only solve formulation issues, but also give their products the edge. These, in combination with the technical expertise of our people, have helped to establish Blagden’s leading position in the Coatings market. I look forward to building on these strengths while bringing new growth to our business and investigating new opportunities with our customers and our supply partners.”

More information about Blagden Graphics Arts products is available from Phil Randall on 01959 560857 (email For information about Blagden Coatings products, please contact Michael Austin on 01959 560804 (email

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