Announcing a new resin range for powder coatings


Blagden has a new range of polyester resins and functional additives for powder coatings following our partnership with Inopol.

Based in South Korea, Inopol was established in 2012 and is committed to environmentally friendly products and sustainable values. Powder coatings provide an alternative where companies are facing tighter regulations against VOC emissions from conventional solvent-based paints.

Alymers is a 100% solid polyester resin which helps to create a thick coating film and provides excellent coating performance with just one application. Leftover paints can be reused, reducing waste. It is an energy efficient material and, as it contains no solvents, is a good solution to avoid concerns about air pollution, odour, fire hazard and toxicity.

Products from the range can be used in the following systems: Hybrid, TGIC, HAA, Urethane, Superdurable, PT910 and Acrylic (Matting Agent and Clearcoat).

Properties can include weather resistance, high-gloss, non-toxic, chemical and corrosion resistant, good to excellent mechanical performance and conductivity.

To find out more, please contact Michael Austin 01959 560804 or email.

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