Additives to improve quality and efficiency for energy storage and fuel cells


Manufacturers of Lithium-ion batteries and new generation fuel cells can rely on a growing range of additives to reduce production costs and improve product properties and safety.

Our supply partner, BYK, has many specific additives for use in cathode and anode production, conductive paste manufacturing and separator treatments. The additives support wetting and dispersing, binding, defoaming, surface treatment and rheology. New and existing products are being marketed for their excellent compatibility with base materials such as carbon black, carbon nanotubes (CNT) and various ceramics.

Advantages of BYK’s unique range of performance additives for Lithium-ion batteries and new generation fuel cells include:

BYK has recently announced further investment in its R&D and additive portfolio for the sector. The investment includes technical personnel and laboratory support across Europe. This expertise is available to companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland through Blagden.

Blagden welcomes your interest and questions to help you with project development and formulation work regarding energy storage and fuel cells. Please contact Greg White on 01959 560817 or email.

Please note: Information provided here is given in good faith and without liability. It is intended for guidance only. Users are advised to conduct their own independent examination of the product to ascertain its suitability for incorporation into processes or products. Users should ensure that the use of the product complies with all pertinent current legislation. We guarantee to supply to specification, not performance.

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