What’s hot in pharma?


Trending in our pharma business at the moment are antimicrobials from Jubilant, in particular, 2-acetyl pyridine, cetyl pyridinium chloride (CPC) and Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT).

Jubilant Life Science is the global number 1 company in the manufacture of pyridine, the key starting material for all its antimicrobials.

Jubithione – ZPT 50 is a broad-spectrum biocide used in shampoos as an anti-dandruff agent. It also has applications in hair-care rinse off and leave on products as well as anti-fungal creams.

Jubiquat – CPC offers broad spectrum anti-microbial efficacy and is effective in preventing and reducing plaque-induced gingivitis by acting against oral bacteria. It is one of two antimicrobial systems considered safe and efficacious by the US FDA Plaque sub committee for use in over-the-counter mouth rinses. In addition to mouth wash and oral care applications, it is used in cosmetics, antiperspirant deodorants, surgical gloves, skin care products and wet wipes.

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