Metallic inks for stand-out food packaging


Eckart is expanding its range of metallic printing inks which have been specially developed for printing on food packaging for indirect food contact.

The gold and silver pigments stand out due to their incomparable brilliance and are available for all current printing processes. In addition, Eckart has recently launched new metallic offset printing inks of the Metalstar FPG 712 series. These inks stand out for their good storage stability and the solid running performance on the printing machine. In terms of shine and brilliance, the three gold colour shades and the shiny silver are comparable with mineral oil-based offset inks.

Also new in the Food Packaging Grade Range are Rotostar UV FPG 78301 Rich Gold and 78304 Silver which allow formulation flexibility for UV, LED and EB inks. These have no photoinitiator for higher formulation flexibility. By adding their own photoinitiator mixture, ink manufacturers can now produce their low migration UV flexo printing inks themselves. 

Eckart Food Packaging Grade (FPG) products are suited for indirect food contact and meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the Swiss Ordinance and the Good Manufacturing Practice of the European Printing Inks Association. The range is free from white spirit and mineral oil and is produced in a separate production area to eliminate potential cross-contamination with other products.

For more information, contact Phil Randall on 01959 560857 (email) to discuss Eckart’s full range of FPG metallic pigment products. 

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