Introducing ALGYL – a complete skin barrier protection. Ecocert/Cosmos certified


A new marine active which leaves the skin more hydrated, better protected and more resistant to external damage is available from Blagden Personal Care.

Launched by our supply partner Gelyma at In-Cosmetics 2018, ALGYL® restores epidermal health by acting on several of the skin’s barrier functions: 

Bringing together the properties of three red seaweeds in synergism with glycerine, ALGYL® strengthens and regenerates skin barrier functions while limiting barrier deterioration. Clinical studies have shown an improvement in skin hydration and cohesion and decrease in water loss. The skin appears more hydrated, it is more resistant to external damage, notably UV radiation, and has a healthier appearance.

Ecocert/Cosmos certified, ALGYL® can be used in:

For more information about ALGYL® and for samples and other products from Gelyma, please call Rakhee Daggar on 01959 560828 or email.

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