Guidance for reducing sugar content in food and drinks


The Food and Drinks Federation has published a free reformulation guide for small food and drink producers who want to reduce the sugar content of their products.

The new guidance sets out the regulatory framework covering the reduction of sugars, key considerations when reducing sugars or using sugar replacers and factors affecting the consumer acceptability of sugar replacers.

It also covers the different challenges and opportunities associated with reducing sugars in soft drinks, dairy and baked goods, and discusses ingredient and labelling considerations.

The challenge for sugar reduction is appreciating the different roles that sugars play which vary from product to product and category to category.  Sugars add colour and sweetness, enhance other flavours, provide bulk and texture, and improve shelf-life by reducing available water and inhibiting growth of bacteria. In some products, sugars are used to improve the palatability of fibre, wholemeal or bran.

It also discusses the use of alternative sweeteners and the factors affecting consumer acceptance. To read this useful guide, please click here.

Blagden supplies a number of alternative sweeteners mentioned in the guide:


Intense sweeteners

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