Clotholine is key ingredient in new skincare product launches


Two new skincare products have been launched which draw on the benefits of Clotholine®, an active from our key supply partner Sollice Biotech.

One, a day cream from SkinerieTM works to minimise signs of ageing and rebalance skin. The formula is enriched with Clotholine®, known to promote well-being and skin longevity. Accompanying this product launch is a regenerating serum also enriched with Clotholine®.

Clotholine® is derived from the blue cornflower, which contains a molecule that activates the expression of the Klotho protein, Centycyamine. This is known as ‘youth protein’ which has beneficial effects on the prevention of ageing.  

Clotholine® is available both from green synthesis and in a natural version, Clotholine LV. Developed by Sollice Biotech, it increases the expression of the Klotho protein in skin cells, protecting the skin from ageing and providing a sense of well-being.

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