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BYK-Gardner is holding twice-monthly on-line seminars to keep you updated on subjects including colour and gloss measurement and how to test physical properties of paint and coatings.

Here are the dates for the first three months of 2021 plus links for registration. 

February 10th at 2pm (GMT): Basic Building Blocks of colour

Our individual colour preferences - which depend on our personal experience and memory – influence our perception of colour. Therefore, it’s essential to standardise light source and observer to achieve objective assessments of coloured objects. Only the use of standardised colour instruments with internationally specified colour systems can solve the shortcomings of visual perception. Attend the webinar to learn more. Register here

February 24th at 2pm (GMT): Colour control and NEW prediction of colour stability

The spectro2guide spectrophotometer represents the next step in the evolution of colour measurement. Like its predecessor, colour and 60° gloss are measured simultaneously. What is completely new is the quantification of fluorescence by measuring like a fluorimeter. This combination of a spectrophotometer with a fluorimeter opens up new perspectives to control colour quality and guarantee colour stability over years. Register here

March 10th at 2pm (GMT): Measurement of effect colours

Unlike solid colours, effect finishes change colour and appearance depending on viewing angle and lighting conditions. To objectively describe the visual impression of effect finishes, two measurement principles are needed. Attend the webinar to learn more. Register here

March 24th at 2pm (GMT): NEW control of colour, gloss and grain

When we look at an object, we perceive colour, gloss, and surface topography together. However, until now, assessment of grain or surface texture could only be judged visually. The new spectro2profiler measures colour, gloss and grain with one measurement to objectively analyse total colour and appearance harmony. Register here

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