Free Webinar: Colour systems for solid and effect colours


The latest webinar in BYK-Gardner's popular and illuminating series is focused on colour control. Looking at colour difference equations for solid and effect colours, it asks: Which method is best?

In fact this is a question which does not have one simple answer. 

Colour control has historically been done by visually inspecting samples and making comparisons with a standard. The problem with such an appraoch is that it is subjective. To provide more objectivity, the international CIELAB system has been used since 1976. 

Several modifications of the CIELAB colour equation have been introduced for solid colours, including DE2000. For effect colours, the developments went a step further with the introduction of DE DIN6175. The goal of all the modifications was to improve the correlation between visual perception and values measured by instruments. 

The webinar will include the following topics: 

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