Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for thermoplastics applications for the dispersion and stabilisation of solids in masterbatches and for compounding. DISPERPLAST®-1018 is a highly functionalised, polymer additive. It has been specially developed for optimum dispersion in conjunction with good throughput during the production of masterbatches. The additive has a low melting point of around 55-60 °C and is therefore capable of efficiently wetting pigments prior to the fusing of the polymer carrier. It absorbs onto the pigment surface, thereby generating a steric stabilisation which facilitates the dispersion of agglomerates and prevents reagglomeration. DISPERPLAST®-1018 is also suitable for compounding siliceous fillers (talc, wollastonite, mica) in PA, PET and PBT. It is recommended for the dispersion of solids in PP, PE, PS, PA, ABS, PET and PBT.


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